Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Orlando Nightclub Shooting...a year later

On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen opened fire inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando Florida, ultimately killing 49 people and wounding 58 others. It was absolutely incomprehensible, wasn't it? Or was it? I pondered on it for a few days while I gathered my thoughts and this is a Facebook post I ended up writing a few days later.

I am absolutely heartbroken and sickened by what happened in Orlando Florida on Sunday. It has taken me awhile to compose my thoughts enough to decide exactly how I want to word this. While the shooter may have been Muslim, and his religion may have been his motivation, are we really surprised that an attack on a gay nightclub finally happened?
We are a country who uses religion to condemn the LGBT community everyday. I have seen messages from lawmakers who have passed laws against the LGBT community because of their faith, stating that they "stand strong" with the victims. Why? Because it was a Muslim who committed murder? These are people we tell--you can't buy a cake from me, it's agains my religion. Um, no it's's a fucking cake. These are people who we see beaten to death because of their sexual preference, or gender identity and then pass laws saying that killing a member of the LGBT community can't be considered a hate crime.
I know many people will say "I don't hate gay people, I just don't want their lifestyle forced on me." Unless they are forcing you to have sex, they aren't forcing their lifestyle on you. Just because there are LGBT people on TV, LGBT people walking around outside, LGBT people living their lives, doesn't mean their lifestyle is being forced on you. It means they are finally able to live their lives in the open.
Oh, but the Bible...I know what the bible says...It says lots of things. According to the bible I shouldn't have tattoos. I do, and I love them. According to the bible you shouldn't wear linen and wool mixed together. I'm sure that God is SUPER pissed about polyester!
The bible also says that we are ALL made in his image. Maybe we should stop throwing bible verses around at each other and just treat each other a little better.

Looking back a year later I wish I could say that I've seen a difference. Unfortunately attitudes in this country haven't changed much for the better..for a lot of things. But I hope in people. I believe that people are basically good. I believe that If we raise our children with kindness, maybe some of this hatred will eventually go away. I hope.

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