Sunday, December 28, 2014

Primeval: Werewolf Apocalypse Book 2 by William D. Carl

Updated Review:
Ok-So I mentioned in my "about me" thing that I loved werewolves. While that is true now, I have in the past had a love/hate relationship with werewolves--mainly meaning I loved to read, watch, etc..however I hated to be alone in the dark, look out the window, turn off the lights, go to bed, etc..afterword.
Now that I'm grown, that is of course not the case anymore (fingers crossed behind me). Now that I'm a grown woman with kids, I can watch a scary movie, read a scary book and then turn off the lights and not have to run up the stairs in the dark to the safety of my own bed where I make sure that my feet are tucked in just in case something is under the bed and my back is to the closet so i won't see my own impending

Anyway--I wanted to do a book review today. It is on the new -Werewolf Apocalypse book by William D Carl entitled PRIMEVAL: WEREWOLF APOCALYPSE 2.
Here is the teaser from the back of the book:
It has now been a couple of years since the Lycan virus engulfed Cincinnati. General Burns and Sniper Nicole Truitt are now part of a werewolf elimination task force. They have been warned that the werewolves time is coming.
Taking some rest and relaxation in New York City-more specifically Brooklyn-turns into a nightmare for Nicole and the General as they realize the Lycan virus has mutated and is now sweeping through Manhattan. Nicole's significant other is trapped on the island and Nicole and the General must attempt a rescue.

If you are a werewolf fan, you know how hard it can be to find good werewolf fiction. Look no further, this book is Awesome! Any horror fan should snatch this up immediately!
Once you've read it-drop by William D. Carl's blog and let him know how much you loved it!
The second book is well written and even with some repeating characters could be read as a stand alone. However, if you haven't read the first one, I suggest that do so, and quickly--BESTIAL: WEREWOLF APOCALYPSE

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