Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christian Grey is a Lightweight

Yes, I admit it..I read THE BOOK. I hadn't planned on jumping on that bandwagon, but one of my friends insisted that I MUST read it, so I did. While it was mildly entertaining as far as books go, it was just kind of Twilightish..with bondage.
If you really want something that will make you spit out your latte and call your best girlfriend screaming, "Oh my have got to read this!!!", well then let me tell you about a little set of books called The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice writing as A.N. Roquelaure.
I came across these books quite by accident. I went to my mom's (let's let that one sink in for a second...)one day and she wasn't home. I decided to steal (ok, borrow) a few books from her and saw --Anne Rice writing as...well being a big Anne Rice fan, I just grabbed them. I hadn't heard of them before but hey, she wrote about vampires right? Um, No..not this time. Let me tell you, if Ol' Christian tickled your fancy, these will tickle just about everything else. They were THAT graphic. Like people dressed as ponies..with tails...attached to them by way of....well just use your imagination.....Of course I went ahead and read them, I mean I HAD borrowed them so it would be rude to not read them...
Anyway, let's just say I was embarrassed to take them back since she hadn't been there when I took them and I didn't really want her to know I read them.
Since it is Valentine's Day, if you are looking for something along those lines to spice up the love life and are feeling a little more adventurous than Mr. Grey, The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy comes highly recommended by both me and my mom (gross!)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome to the New Kansas Housewife

Well, what a change. I used to have a blog on a different blogging names mentioned here, but just didn't have much traffic. I thought i'd give the big B a try. Maybe I just suck as a blogger..who knows?
I wish I had kept my old posts though, they were pretty awesome, at least I thought so.

My intentions with blogging were to find out what I really loved to do best.  Sounds kind of weird right? Having to write out your life to strangers to find your passions..Anyway, it did kind of work. I didn't like the format of my last blog so this will be different. I do plan to do book reviews.  They may not necessarily be current books, just what I like to read.  I will happily take reading suggestions. I'm always on the lookout for a good book.
If you're lucky, and you probably will be, you might get a glimpse into daily life on the prairie. No mistake--I am no pioneer woman and don't claim to be.  There will be no imitations here. We both just so happen to live on the prairie in adjoining states, but I may throw out a recipe or two as my husband and I are embarking on a weight loss journey.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you come back again.